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Click on desired version -  file will open as a PDF
If you have a 1+ fret and no file is listed - use the DAD as the 1+ was not needed in the arrangement.
Title Hammered Dulcimer DAD DAD 1+ DADD Bowed Psaltery
Hzste to the WeddingHaste to the Wedding HDHaste to the Wedding DADHaste to the Wedding DADDHaste to the Wedding BP
Baloo Baleerie
Scottish Lullaby
Baloo Baleerie  HD
Baloo Baleerie DAD

Baloo Baleerie DADD
Baloo Baleerie BP
Apple Blossom Apple Blossom HD Apple Blossom DAD
Apple Blossom DADD Apple Blossom BP
Golden Castle Golden Castle HD Golden Castle DAD
Golden Castle DADD
The Holly Berry
(English Country Dance Tune
Holly Berry HD
Holly Berry DAD
Holly Berry DAD 1+
Holly Berry DADD
Holly Berry BP
Marjorie Marjorie HD Marjorie DAD
Marjorie DADD Marjorie BP
Shepherd's Wife Waltz Shepherd's Wife 12-11
Shepherd's Wife 15-14
Shepherd's Wife DAD
Shepherd's Wife DADD Shepherd's Wife BP
Wild Mountain Thyme Wild Mountain Thyme HD Wild Mountain Thyme DAD
Wild Mountain Thyme DADD Wild Mountain Thyme BP
Acadian Lullaby
Nova Scotia
Acadian Lullaby
Acadian Lullaby DAD

Acadian Lullaby DADD